February 20 / March 25

ICT days

has been launched in 2009 and they are an initiative by the Department DISI (Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science) of the University of Trento and are dedicated to the broad subject of Information and Communication Technology. After many years of success, the event has become an important meeting opportunity both local and national among companies, professors, researchers, students and alumni.


acronym for “Information and Communication Technology”, is the integrated science that concerns itself with information processing, transformation and transmission systems. Essentially, it encompasses all the technologies that enable information processing and exchange. ICT comprises several areas, such as computer science, electronics, and telecommunications. It is the driver of today’s technological evolution, and it is integral to contemporary economy, industrial production, and everyday life.

2020 OpenLabs @ DISI

What is this? The opportunity to meet companies, researchers, students and the press with the presentation of demos, prototypes and posters.
Available for participants, a Corner equipped with table, chairs, wi-fi and electricity for interaction with the public.


2020 OpenLabs @ DISI – Pitches

What’s this? The opportunity for a short 3-minute presentation with the help of just two slides to send out the message of new projects and activities, to tickle the curiosity of students, researchers and companies who will join you at your Corner for further information and questions.


Events could be postponed or cancelled due to public health security. 

Audio and/or video recordings

ICT Days informs to the audiece participating at the event that they may be photographed or recorded in video. These photographs and recordings may later be used to produce promotional material related to the event, the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science -DISI-, the speaker, and/or the participating companies.

For any inquiry about this, please write to the e-mail address: info@ictdays.it